Google Ads unveils tCPA Insight Box for Demand Gen campaigns

Google Ads introduced a new tCPA (target Cost Per Action) Insight Box for Demand Gen campaigns, following a similar feature for Performance Max and Standard Shopping campaigns.

Why it matters: This new feature can help you quickly assess advertising campaign performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize your ad spend.

Key features:

Shows if Actual CPA is within the expected range.

Displays weekly CPA averages with projected conversions.

Calculates typical variation based on historical campaign data.

Indicates whether the target is within typical variation.

Aims to keep overall cost per conversion equal to set target CPA.

First seen: We first learned of this update via Thomas Eccel on LinkedIn:

What to watch. How advertisers use this new information to adjust their strategies and whether it leads to improved campaign performance.

What’s next. You should familiarize yourself with the new Insight Box and consider how it can inform your campaign optimization efforts.