Marketers, minorities, and brand engagement: connecting the dots with Christopher Kenna

26 May 2022 0

In the first episode of the ClickZ Marketing Masters Podcast, our host Tim Flagg speaks with Christopher Kenna, CEO and Co-Founder of Brand Advance. They […]

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How Heineken built a successful metaverse branding strategy and brought their virtual beer to life

25 May 2022 0

Fancy a beer? How about a virtual one? Heineken have become one of the latest brands to join the rapidly expanding collection of big-name brands […]

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How Southampton Football Club and increased brand trust from 13% to 47%

19 May 2022 0

Building trust in your brand is hard enough. Now take a situation where your audience is so cynical of your product offering some of them […]

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From cellphone to cybersecurity: How BlackBerry transitioned from B2C to B2B strategy

5 May 2022 0

BlackBerry is one of the first smartphone manufacturers which empowered the mobile workforce with its iconic QWERTY keypad and robust hardware, its products symbolized sophistication, […]

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Nine secrets to building and retaining high-performing marketing teams

28 April 2022 0

Marketing talent attrition is a major pain point for managers and leaders globally. To help solve this conundrum, we interviewed Michael Cruz, partner and head […]

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Four brands commit to ethical marketing: Here’s how to join them

28 April 2022 0

30-second summary: Today’s consumers are more concerned than ever with the environmental impact of the brands they consume, especially within food and beverage There is […]

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Paying for Attention: How to measure and maximize the stickiness of your video creative

12 April 2022 0

Video advertisers are digging deeper to understand the value and impact of their video buys. It is no longer enough to speak about efficient reach […]

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Rethinking engagement and customer retention with Web3

7 April 2022 0

First, take a deep breath. No matter where you are in your Web3 journey, the era itself is just beginning. Google tells us so. Just […]

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The best website layouts for emerging start-ups

6 April 2022 0

The United States has the largest concentration of start-ups anywhere in the world; at present more than 70,000 are looking to make their mark, according […]

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Cancel culture and what brands should be doing

31 March 2022 0

30-second summary: Social media platforms allow anyone to publicly call out people and brands when they did or said something offensive or abusive Cancel culture […]

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