New support for retailer shipping data

22 September 2020 0

Quick summary: Starting today, we support shippingDetails markup as an alternative way for retailers to be eligible for shipping details in Google Search results. […]

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New open source robots.txt projects

21 September 2020 0

Last year we released the robots.txt parser and matcher that we use in our production systems to the open source world. Since then, we’ve seen […]

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Googlebot will soon speak HTTP/2

17 September 2020 0

Quick summary: Starting November 2020, Googlebot will start crawling some sites over HTTP/2. Ever since mainstream browsers started supporting the next major revision of HTTP, […]

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Sharing what we learned on the first Virtual Webmaster Unconference

15 September 2020 0

The first Virtual Webmaster Unconference successfully took place on August 26th and, as promised, we’d like to share the main findings and conclusions here.How did […]

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Make the licensing information for your images visible on Google Images

For the last few years, we’ve collaborated with the image licensing industry to raise awareness of licensing requirements for content found through Google Images. In […]

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Options for retailers to control how their crawled product information appears on Google

Earlier this year Google launched a new way for shoppers to find clothes, shoes and other retail products on Search in the U.S. and recently […]

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Identify and fix AMP Signed Exchange errors in Search Console

Signed Exchanges (SXG) is a subset of the emerging family of specifications called Web Packaging, which enables publishers to safely make their content portable, while […]

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Join our first Virtual Webmaster Unconference

While the in-person Webmaster Conference events are still on hold, we continue to share insights and information with you in the Webmaster Conference Lightning Talks […]

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Rich Results & Search Console Webmaster Conference Lightning Talk

A few weeks ago we held another Webmaster Conference Lightning Talk, this time about Rich Results and Search Console. During the talk we hosted a […]

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Search Console API announcements

Over the past year, we have been working to upgrade the infrastructure of the Search Console API, and we are happy to let you know […]

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