100 holiday gift ideas based on Google searches

21 November 2022 0

This year’s trending gift ideas, according to Google. Source: Google Inside Adwords Link: 100 holiday gift ideas based on Google searches

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Use new AR features to shop for beauty products and shoes

17 November 2022 0

We’re announcing two new AR features on Google that make it easier to shop for foundation and sneakers. Source: Google Inside Adwords Link: Use new […]

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3 ways for hotels to maximize their presence on Google

14 November 2022 0

In a typical month, Google sends hundreds of millions of website visits and phone calls to hotels around the world.[000203]That’s because travelers often come to […]

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A new way to control and optimize frequency on YouTube

9 November 2022 0

Achieving the right video ad frequency for both viewers and advertisers has always been a juggling act.That challenge has only increased as linear TV viewership […]

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3 ways to keep audiences engaged in a content-driven world

3 November 2022 0

Consumers navigate a widening variety of digital content from text to image to video—and they choose to spend their time in the experiences that feel […]

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Easily track your packages with new Gmail features

2 November 2022 0

Does this scenario sound familiar? You spend hours shopping for the perfect gift, find a great deal and place the order. And as you wait […]

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New ways to find holiday deals on Google

1 November 2022 0

The holiday season is upon us, and many are already getting into the (shopping) spirit. Deals are particularly top of mind this year: Among Americans […]

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3 app measurement strategies for business growth

31 October 2022 0

Marketers are investing more in their apps. In fact, 81% of retailers and 75% of e-commerce companies plan to increase their investment in promoting their […]

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Your ads, your choice

20 October 2022 0

Online advertising doesn’t need to be confusing or out of your control. Whether you’re watching tutorials on YouTube or looking up recipes on Search, you […]

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Get more visual results when you shop on desktop

20 October 2022 0

Shopping is about so much more than just buying — it’s also about browsing, researching and narrowing down your options to get the right product […]

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