Announcing domain-wide data in Search Console

27 February 2019 0

Google recommends verifying all versions of a website — http, https, www, and non-www — in order to get the most comprehensive view of your […]

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Help customers discover your products on Google

22 February 2019 0

People come to Google to discover new brands and products throughout their shopping journey. On Search and Google Images, shoppers are provided with rich snippets […]

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Social Media for SEO: How to use Social Media to power your SEO strategy in 2019

20 February 2019 0

A lot of marketers view social media and SEO as two distinctive marketing channels. Because of this, many don’t consider how one channel can help […]

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Consolidating your website traffic on canonical URLs

In Search Console, the Performance report currently credits all page metrics to the exact URL that the user is referred to by Google Search. Although […]

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