Microsoft Ads releases AI-powered asset recommendation for video and display ads

Microsoft Advertising announced new AI-powered asset recommendations for video ads, with Connected TV ad recommendations coming soon.

Why we care. AI-powered ad creation tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, allowing advertisers to scale their creative efforts more efficiently. More specifically, the ability to easily create assets for multiple formats (video, display, CTV) allows for more cohesive cross-platform campaigns.

How it works:

Advertisers input their landing page URL.

AI generates video ad recommendations.

Marketers can edit and refine the AI-generated assets.

The big picture. This move aligns with the broader trend of AI integration in marketing tools, aiming to boost creativity and productivity.

Between the lines. Microsoft is positioning itself as a leader in AI-powered advertising solutions, competing with other major ad platforms.

What to watch. How these AI tools impact ad performance and whether they lead to more standardized creative across brands.

What’s next. Microsoft plans to continue innovating in AI-powered advertising solutions, with a focus on helping marketers exceed their goals.