TikTok tightens teen ad targeting and boosts AI transparency

TikTok implemented new restrictions on ads targeting teens and introduced AI disclosure requirements for advertisers.

Why we care. These changes aim to protect younger users and increase overall ad transparency, potentially impacting how advertisers reach and engage with TikTok’s audience.

Key changes.

U.S. advertisers can now only target teens using broad options like location, language and device info.

Users gain more control over ad interests and off-TikTok data sharing.

New AI-generated content labels for ads.

The big picture. TikTok is aligning with industry trends to protect user privacy and increase transparency, following similar moves by platforms like Meta.

By the numbers. With about 25% of TikTok’s audience under 20, these changes could significantly impact advertising strategies.

Between the lines. The restrictions on teen targeting could challenge any brands that rely heavily on this demographic, forcing them to adapt their strategies.

What to watch. How these changes impact your advertising and whether they influence user trust and engagement on the platform.

What’s next. Brands will need to reassess their TikTok marketing strategies, especially those targeting younger audiences or using AI-generated content.