Microsoft Target CPA and Maximize Conversions move to general availability

Microsoft has moved Target CPA and Maximize Conversions to general availability.

This means marketers can start using the automated bid strategies in all regions where Audience Ads are available.

The tech giant has also announced updates to its text-to-image generative AI product DALL-E 3, as well as Chat Ads API.

Why we care. Automated bidding optimizes campaign performance without requiring hands-on involvement, making life easier for advertisers. With these innovative bid strategies, advertisers retain control, maintaining the flexibility to set your budget and choose how you want to measure success.

How it works. A Microsoft spokesperson explained that Target CPA and Maximize Conversions have been designed to help “advertisers reach their target audience with minimal effort”:

Maximize Conversion: Advertisers can use this feature to maximize conversions as much as possible, given the budget.

Target CPA: Advertisers can use this feature in Audience Ads to maximize conversions as much as possible, given the CPA target and the budget.

What are Audience Ads? Microsoft’s Audience Ads are native display advertisements designed to help advertisers reach your target audience effectively. Leveraging Microsoft’s insights into people’s interests and consumer intent signals, these ads are strategically placed across the web on platforms such as MSN, Start, Outlook, and more.

DALL-E 3 added to Bing Chat. In other Microsoft news, the tech giant’s text-to-image generative AI product DALL-E 3 is now available in Bing Chat and for free. The tool can be used to create “images that are not only realistic but creative” that also adhere to the company’s terms of service and community guidelines.

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Chat Ads API in closed beta. Microsoft is now inviting brands with existing chat experiences or large language models to apply to partner with its Chat Ads API. Snapchat and Axel Springer were the first to market as Microsoft select chat partners, with both brands already reporting promising results.

Lauren Tallody, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Automation Lead for Microsoft Advertising, told Search Engine Land:

“Having ads [on these chat experiences] could really help create more economic value here – and we’re just getting started.”

“Today, the solution is to focus on whether you already have chat assistance, but we’re also looking at creating chat assistance – whether that’s using Bing Chat, web-grounded data or private data. There will be more to come on this.”

“But for now, if you are using a large language model, we’re ready to partner!”

Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s Automated Bidding guidelines for more information.

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