Google Analytics 4 adds new customization features for 360 customers

Google Analytics 4 is rolling out new features that offer 360 customers more customization capabilities, including:

Customized reporting for all types of teams.

BigQuery reports + customization.

Links + integrations.

GA4 will begin introducing the new tools over the next few weeks and will continue adding more functionalities later this year.

Why we care. Advertisers still using 360 properties in Universal Analytics, need to transition to GA4 to unlock these advanced reporting capabilities. The new capabilities not only save time but also ensure consistent reporting, giving advertisers the power to make data-led decisions to achieve their media buying goals.

Customized reporting: This feature is coming to GA4 in the coming weeks, enabling large enterprises and agencies to create custom reporting experiences tailored to the specific needs of their different teams, resulting in faster access to insights. For example, advertisers will now be able to design a specialized advertising report, enabling campaign managers to view it instead of the default reports.

BigQuery reports: GA4 is also planning to roll out a faster and more comprehensive BigQuery daily export later this year. This enhancement ensures businesses receive their data consistently each day. In BigQuery, advertisers can then leverage their first-party data to create tailored predictive lifetime models to suit their business requirements.

Links + integrations: In addition, Google is giving advertisers the capability to link their subproperties and roll-up properties to Display & Video 360, Campaign Manager 360, and Search Ads 360. This enhancement aims to support advertisers in achieving their media buying objectives. An exact launch date has not been confirmed, but a rollout is expected “soon”.

Why now. Google is rolling out new features for 360 customers in GA4 as it begins to remove capabilities from Universal Analytics 360 over the next few months. The search engine announced last year that advertisers need to transition their 360 properties to GA4 by 1 July 2024.

Universal Analytics 360 sunset. Universal Analytics will no longer be available for 360 or standard customers from 30 June 2024. From July 2024 onward, businesses will no longer be able to export or access their data from Universal Analytics.

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What Google is saying. A Google spokesperson said in a statement:

“All these new features are only available if you’re using Google Analytics 4. So, if you haven’t done so, we recommend completing your move to Google Analytics 4 by March 2024. This will help you have a smooth transition with three months of time to validate data and settings and to export your historical data, if needed.”

“Google Analytics 4 has been our analytics solution of record for nearly two years and we’re continuing to invest in the platform to make it not only our most effective and performant analytics solution, but a truly durable solution that will enable advertisers to make the most strategic, informed decisions in an ever-changing privacy landscape.”

Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full or the Google Analytics 360 guide for more information.

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