YouTube launches new feature to enhance product ad targeting

YouTube is rolling out a new feature that enables creators to add timestamps to tagged products in their videos.

When the timestamp is added, a shopping cart button will appear at an optimal moment when there is an anticipated increased chance of engagement.

Why we care. Precision in targeting potential customers during strategic moments, coupled with improvements in the shopping experience, could result in increased engagement and conversions.

Why now. The move will give back some control to creators and sponsors ahead of YouTube’s decision to sunset some ad controls for newly uploaded videos next month for the following ad types:





New shopping features. In addition to the new timestamps, YouTube is rolling out further features to improve the shopping experience. For example, it is going to enable creators to bulk tag affiliate products in video libraries. A spokesperson told The Verge that this tool could:

“Help you earn revenue from older content that still gets high traffic.”

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Enhanced reporting. YouTube has also confirmed that it is rolling out a new reporting tool in YouTube Studio that will reveal which affiliate products generate the most revenue for brands. This capability will be available “in the coming weeks.”

Deep dive. Visit the YouTube Advertising help center for more information on how video ads work.

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