TikTok debuts AI-powered ad automation tools

TikTok unveiled a suite of new AI and automation tools for advertisers at its TikTok World event, aiming to make it easier for brands to create effective ads at scale on the viral video platform.

The big picture. TikTok is leaning into AI and automated ad tech as it looks to cement itself as more than just a media platform, but as a key “business partner” driving sales and ROI for brands.

New tools rundown. Four tools to take note of:

TikTok One – A centralized hub giving advertisers access to creators, creative tools, partners and measurement capabilities.

TikTok Symphony – An umbrella for TikTok’s AI ad tools, including support for:

Script writing

Video production

Creative asset optimization

Automated ad optimization. Using AI to optimize ad creative, targeting, budgets and more to hit set campaign goals like purchases or awareness.

TikTok shop automation. AI tools to optimize ad spend, bidding, creative and other e-commerce costs for TikTok Shop ads.

Why we care. TikTok is a powerful platform for driving sales and ROI. These new AI and automation tools can significantly enhance ad creation and effectiveness.

What they’re saying. Adrienne Lahens, TikTok’s global head of creator marketing solutions, said:

“We’re building for the future of creative, and we’re inviting brands to come and test and learn with us.”

Early results. An Ohio wellness brand piloting TikTok’s Shop automation tools saw 136% higher sales and 4x higher ROI while saving 10 hours per week, TikTok claims.

U.S. ban. TikTok declined to comment on whether advertising has been impacted by the threat of a potential U.S. ban over data security concerns.

The bottom line. TikTok is making an aggressive push into AI-driven ad automation as it tries to position itself as an essential sales and marketing channel rivaling Google and ad tech players.