Snapchat outlines Three Es for advanced marketing measurement

With rising data restrictions, Snapchat says “Execution, Experimentation and Evaluation” are the key pillars marketers need to focus on to ensure strategic measurement evolves with the times.

Why we care. While Google keeps delaying deprecating third-party cookies, it will happen. So it’s important for advertisers to maintain accurate campaign insights and revenue accountability to conduct effective marketing measurement with tighter data privacy laws.

How it works. The framework aims to create a cycle of constant testing, learning and iteration.

Execution refers to the core campaign components that power marketing efforts day-to-day.

Experimentation involves methods like A/B testing to course correct along the way.

Evaluation uses techniques like media mix modeling to quantify real performance impact.

What they’re saying. “Advertisers who adopt this robust measurement approach see better advertising outcomes,” per Snapchat.

Between the lines. The real emphasis is on evaluating actual results over chasing vanity metrics.

Snap says brands often prioritize “easy accessible correlation metrics over causal experimentation KPIs.”

But if experimentation isn’t tied to evaluating bottom-line impact, “media optimization may be driving negative progress.”

Zoom out. Snapchat’s push is part of a broader industry reckoning as user privacy changes upend traditional digital measurement.

The bottom line. As ad measurement evolves, Snapchat is encouraging a more holistic, cyclical approach centered on continuous optimization and tying performance to real business outcomes.