SEO Tips for 2016 Start-Ups

For startup businesses, the journey to making it big in online marketing can be more than a little scary. The competition is stiff and none of the available strategies guarantee results. However, this should not scare you into not trying. There are a number of crucial steps you can take to make it big — even as a startup business. This post looks at some of the most important things you need to do to get kick-start your online marketing.
Identify Target Keywords
A mistake that most marketers make is failing to identify their target keywords before devising their SEO strategy. As a result, they end up investing a lot of time and money on strategies that are not related to what they offer. Good SEO research begins with figuring out your target keywords.
Target keywords are determined by your target audience (demographic) as well as an analysis of current search trends. This will help identify keywords that will guarantee the most returns with minimal competition.
Prospective clients find your content/products based on the keywords they search. If you don’t use relevant keywords, your content will never be seen by prospective clients. Invest a little more time in keyword research.
Focus on Mobile Friendliness

This is a no brainer. Internet users are switching from desktop to handheld devices. As a result, search engines, with Google leading the way, are favoring websites with mobile-friendly designs.
Creating a mobile-friendly website does not mean you need to redo your entire website. There are numerous resources that will help convert your website to a mobile-friendly standard regardless of the size of your budget. You don’t need to create two versions of your website — one for desktop and another for mobile — either. A responsive Web design does it all.
If you do nothing else to boost your search engine ranking, resolve to create a mobile-friendly website. There is a good chance most of your visitors will be accessing your website using their handheld devices.
Keep it Simple
Ensure your website layout is simple enough for anyone to navigate it with ease and create great content that anybody with no industry expertise can understand. Also, make sure your website is not filled with countless marketing elements and keywords.
Too much of anything is dangerous. Keep it simple and the rest will come easy. Do not focus too much on writing for search engines. Focus on writing for your target audience, it is what really matters.
Come up with a Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy gives you a goal to focus on. Your marketing strategy should contain details about your target demographic, number of blogs and social media posts per week or day, what your content should accomplish and how to solve problems if your content does not perform accordingly.
Your marketing strategy should be ever evolving. You should change it as you go and set new goals every time you achieve your old ones. The important thing is to have a marketing strategy at all times so as to avoid veering off course.
Tap into Infographics
Infographics constitute a significant portion of the content produced and shared through social media. Infographics tap into the power of graphic presentation mixed with a text-based interface to grab the attention of readers. This medium has been found to be more effective than any other content strategy.
Learn to Prioritize
One of the key reasons why most startups fail to achieve their goals in online marketing is because they do not prioritize. One of your most valuable resources is time and you have to use it with care. With that being said, it is critical that you know what has to be done first and what can wait.
Make use of Social Media

Social media will not only help with reputation management but will also generate more traffic for your website as well as improve your ranking thanks to quality backlinks. However, you have to use this method carefully.
To benefit from social media, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have a professional account on most of the popularly known social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This will give your brand more visibility.
Second, you have to keep your social networking sites active. Keep adding new posts, respond to the questions of your audience with ease and promote your posts and products through your channels. The goal is to create a large following. You will only be able to do this with an active social media account.
Create a Technically Flawless Website
To succeed in search engine optimization, you need a technically flawless website. Your website should load fast, be search engine-friendly and have no load errors. Your website should not feature duplicate content or contain elements that are frowned upon such as keyword stuffing and the use of broken links.
Content is King
The quality of your content is what will determine the overall success of your SEO efforts. Search engines have smarter algorithms that can tell when a website contains poor content. Even if you manage to lure people to your website, if it does not contain quality content, they will click away and your website will have accomplished nothing. You must always create quality content that addresses the needs of your customers.
You will not get stellar SEO results overnight. It takes time for SEO campaigns to bear results. Be patient and persistent and your SEO efforts will soon bear results.

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