SEO Case Study: Wiley Captures $1.86M Using BrightEdge for Organic Search Gains

The main reason why search engine optimization is essential is increase of traffic into a site. Through this increment in a site’s traffic, there is visibility of the site on the most popular search engines. The visibility means that the company’s revenue is likely to rise because its products are accessible to a larger market. Search engine optimization is also essential in ensuring that a company reduces the amount of money it uses for advertising. All its products are visible globally without having to increase their advertising budget. It is true that the process of search engine optimization is expensive; however, you cannot relate this to the subsequent gains in revenue that the company accrues via visibility. The case studies discussed here involve the use of search engine optimization to overcome competitive threats, and increase traffic in order to gain more revenue.
The Problem
Wiley having been in the content publishing industry for 208 years was faced with the problem of addressing seismic change in the publishing industry’s digitization, and it decided to seek solutions. It had a variety of content and was faced with the problem of developing strong online visibility to increase traffic into its websites as well as products and services. Its challenge was to capture traffic for new content as well as the existing content as it dealt with the competition and the dynamic environment of search engines. Austin Kane, who is an SEO strategist, recently faced a penalty and algorithm update for a search engine to wipe out completely half of the search traffic to his website. Kane needed to show the worth of investing in content advertising and search engine optimization to secure resources, support from the management, and correct the penalty to increase organic search as the main marketing channel.
The Solution
Kane made use of BrightEdge on, to identify and isolate technical matters that would have caused the algorithm penalty. Making use of the platform, he managed to provide awareness to the teams through assigning errands for execution. On the next re-index and crawl, the team realized full recovery and the visibility was a lot higher compared to the pre-penalty stages. On, Kane utilized BrightEdge to do an analysis of competitors and conduct a thorough audit for the site, optimize the existing content and launch various link-building campaigns. This platform enabled the team to prioritize a SEO initiative, fashion a strong workflow, as well as implement strategies according to the specified schedule. These enabled the team to obtain the benefits of improved visibility before the highest season of business.
On, an escalation was realized in organic search visibility as well as organic search traffic amplification by more than six million added page views each month. This resulted in approximately an additional $360,000 in programmatic advertisement revenue annually. Regarding, the SEO traffic rose by 90 percent and contributed to the increase in annual revenue by more than $1.5 million.
SEO Case Study: The Network Boost Organic Traffic by 226 Percent
The Problem
The Network is the mainstream leader in provision of integrated governance, risk and compliance (GRC) answers that normally help organizations thwart risk, realize compliance, and eventually fashion better and more ethical workplaces. Essentially, The Network was competing with larger, well-funded providers and needed to be smart in their content in order to generate organic search results.
The Solution
Pia Adolphsen approached the predicament with a competitive assessment of the content to identify new content ideas, content gaps, the best types of content, content mix and that which was best for competitors. She did the assessment of the content by running the competition’s content audit. After this, she went on to create a competitor dashboard on BrightEdge and most significant, she performed a keyword audit of the competition. She postulates, “This is something our fantastic customer success reps at BrightEdge did for us.” She recommended selecting three content ideas that could be added to one’s content calendar in the coming quarter in order to get started.
The Results 
The thorough competitor content scrutiny paid off as Adolphsen and her smaller team, though limited in resources produced a range of high performing content. This content provided results, as the company was higher in rank with regard to traffic. It moved from position one to three in renowned search engines this resulted figures moving from 41,600 visitors to 50,500 visitors to the expanded blog. This contributed greatly to the revenue objective and business growth. The Network being the client managed to realize this growth through search engine optimization that increased visitation by 10,000. This is a substantial increase when you consider that Adolphsen did not work with a big team. It was through strategy and comparing the site with competitors that these results were gained.
These two case studies show the importance of improving content during search engine optimization to ensure there is increased traffic to a site on major search engines. Additionally, a pattern in the case studies shows the need to look into the competitors’ websites to see the gaps that should be filled in terms of keywords and algorithms to improve the visibility on search engines. Essentially, revising of websites to increase traffic through search engine optimization requires auditing of the keywords to find out where gaps lie and where there should be more content to improve the relevance of information in the site. Bottom line, the keyword relevance has to relate to the products and services marketed in the various online sites.
The Lesson
When the main objective is to place your brand ahead of other brands for customers who shop online, you need to factor in organic search. While it pays your site to provide a memorable experience, it cannot come at the expense of accessibility. When building a website, ensure the platform and delivery of content is not doing you a disservice.

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