Reddit unveils Ads Manager updates for improved community targeting

Reddit has launched new capabilities on Ads Manager for enhanced community targeting.

The platform has added three new features to the platform, as well as two new administration tools, designed to enhance campaign efficiency and performance, benefitting small business advertisers all the way through to enterprise clients.

Why we care. The enhanced features in Reddit’s Ads Manager provide improved tools for a deeper understanding of relevant Reddit communities, helping connect brands with high-value consumers for better conversions. The new administration tools also provide more efficient and controlled campaign management, offering advertisers greater flexibility and effectiveness in their advertising efforts.

New Ads Manager features. Reddit has added several new Ads Manager features to help advertisers find their audience, expand their targeting, and better understand the Reddit communities most relevant to them:

Improved Community Search: Advertisers can now search for relevant communities by topic in Ads Manager.

Targeting Suggestions: This new feature helps broad reach by suggesting additional communities based on an advertiser’s selected community target.

Community Info: Reddit now provides community descriptions, topic tags, estimated audience size based on membership and engagement, as well as a link to the community, to give advertisers access to all of the key details in one easy place. 

New administration tools. Reddit has also invested in new administration tools to help streamline campaign optimization and oversight:

Campaign lifetime budget: Advertisers can now set a maximum spending limit for their campaigns. Once the allocated budget is exhausted, all ad groups in the campaign will automatically cease spending, providing a straightforward way to manage budgets.

Inline editing: Advertisers can now edit campaign names, bids, and budgets in one convenient location – the Ads dashboard.

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What has Reddit said? Reddit’s EVP of Business Marketing and Growth Jim Squires told Search Engine Land:

“With more than 100,000 communities on Reddit covering every topic imaginable, it’s helpful to know where to start and how to effectively navigate to success, especially for advertisers less familiar with our platform.”

“Our client partners do a great job of connecting the dots, and these latest updates allow us to go a step further in providing that guidance and support at scale through our Ads Manager.”

“Whether you’re a large brand or small business, self-serve or managed advertiser, you’ll be able to better harness the power of Reddit communities by discovering, understanding and targeting their ranging passions and interests, in one easy-to-use place, which will ultimately strengthen campaign outcomes.”

Deep dive. Read Reddit’s Business Blog for more information about the platform’s latest developments.

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