Reddit introduces Dynamic Product Ads

Dynamic Product Ads, the newest addition to the Reddit shopping suite, is being released into public beta.

This solution allows you to reach potential customers while they’re actively researching, discussing and deciding what to buy.

Why we care. Reddit is already benefiting from additional Google Search visibility, which means Reddit is likely getting more organic traffic than ever, including product searches. Reddit is saying Dynamic Product Ads drove 1.9x greater Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) when compared to conversion objective campaigns, based on the results of testing in Q1.

How it works: Dynamic Product Ads combine shopping signals with machine learning and advertiser product catalogs.

This combination will then work to serve the most relevant products to convert high user intent into action by connecting people with the products they’re looking for when they’re looking for them, Reddit said.

Key features. Here’s what Reddit advertisers can expect:

Instant campaign creation as the ads auto-populate in real-time with the latest images, pricing and product images from an advertiser’s catalog.

Two new targeting options:

Retargeting: Ads are served to people based on products they’ve previously engaged with on the advertiser’s site.

Prospecting:  Ads are served for the most relevant products based on what people engage with on Reddit or advertiser sites.

Support across the purchase journey with feed and conversation placement and single image or carousel format ads to reach Reddit users in the discovery, consideration, or decision-making mindset. 

Available now in public beta: Dynamic Product Ads are available to all Reddit advertisers globally. English, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese languages are supported via the Reddit Ads Manager.