New year, new look: Introducing our new Webmasters website

It’s a new year and a perfect time to share with you our brand new Webmasters website.We spent a lot of time making this site right for you. We took our own advice by analyzing visitor behavior and conducting user studies to organize the site into categories you’ll find most useful. Thanks to our awesome community and Top Contributors for the valuable feedback during the process! Our new Google Webmasters websiteThe site contains support resources to help you fix issues with your website, SEO learning materials to create a high-quality site and improve search rankings, and connection opportunities to stay up-to-date with our team and webmaster community. It also contains new features such as:Webmaster troubleshooter: Need a step-by-step guide to move your site or understand a message in Search Console? The troubleshooter can help answer these and other common problems with your site in Google Search and Google Search Console.Popular resources: Looking for popular Google Webmasters YouTube videos, blog posts and forum threads? Here’s a curated list of our top resources – these may differ across languages.Events calendar: Want to meet someone from our team online for office hours or at a live event near you? We have office hours and events in multiple languages around the world. Browse around and let us know in the comments below if you stumble onto something new!Posted by Mary Chen, Senior Webmaster Relations Specialist

Source: Google Webmaster Central Blog
Link: New year, new look: Introducing our new Webmasters website

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