Increase customer activation and retention with easy app engagement

We’ve all downloaded useful apps with the intention of using them, but with many things fighting for our attention it’s easy to forget about the ones that we’ve downloaded. For app marketers, being able to reconnect with app users in those relevant moments is extremely powerful, and with our latest launch of bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload in AdWords, we’ve made it easier than ever.Being present in context when a consumer needs you is crucial. For example, 91% of smartphone users reach for their phone to get ideas while doing a task – and that’s when you want your app to surface. To adapt to this shift, apps today are investing beyond the install and moving to engage their customers with smart retention strategies.Introducing bulk IDFA/advertising ID uploadWith this in mind, today we’re launching bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload across Android and iOS. Simply put, it’s a tool that allows a developer to upload their own list of existing app users that they’d like to engage further on their app. For example, say a retail app wants to get purchasers from their holiday sale to check out their new spring discounts. They can pull a segment of their app users’ IDs from their own analytics tools and upload them to AdWords. They can then run engagement campaigns across apps on the Google Display Network while targeting a group of potentially high-value users. The targeted campaign can incentivize users by providing a special discount on their retail app purchase and reduce friction by opening a specific section of the app upon ad click.Reach users across screens and platformsYou can also use this feature if you have both a site and a mobile app. If your site has had success targeting an audience who’ve shown interest in, for example, board games on your site, use your app analytics tools to create this segment of app users, and upload to target those users in AdWords. This helps you get in touch with users during those crucial micro-moments across platforms. Bulk IDFA/advertising ID upload is now available via AdWords and runs on the Google Display Network. Learn about additional best practices on app engagement here.We understand that app engagement is important to lifetime value and are continually building and improving upon products that help reach those growth goals.Posted by Tom Price, Product Manager, Display 

Source: Google Inside Adwords
Link: Increase customer activation and retention with easy app engagement

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