How Nofollow Links Can Also Enhance Your Website

Nofollow links are no less than a nightmare for SEOs. So, if they’re making you cringe, continue to read and learn about the hidden power of these terrifying nofollow links.
Links are an indispensable part of SEO with varying connotations. A link can mean, “Reading this article can be beneficial for you” or “I like the videos on this website.” However, at its core, a link is built to generate awareness of something on different webpage. And when it comes to links and rankings, using nofollow links have always been greatly debated.
Nofollow links provide a way for webmasters to inform Google, “Don’t follow this specific link on this webpage.”  When Google finds any nofollow attribute, it does not crawl or transfer PageRank across that link. Essentially, it is believed that using nofollow drops the target links from the overall graph of the Web.
However, the good news is that SEOs no more need to fear the nofollow links. In fact, these links can ACTUALLY help you bring good to your websites.  How?
Since, a link is not just about getting a boost in search ranking and is, in fact, much more than that, using nofollow links is greatly beneficial today.
Have a look at the unseen benefits of using nofollow links.
1. Nofollow gets you Attention and Recognition
When you put a link on a different page, visitors, not knowing that it is a nofollow link, visit the page, click the “link” and read your content. This means that a nofollow link acts an open endorsement, which decides how people will see your site, irrespective of knowing the style of link.
2. Nofollow means more LINKS
One links can beget more links.
When one person links to your content, it gets you more exposure. When you stumble for a topic on Google and pick the best, you find that post being linked to several others. The same goes for your link too. This means that a nofollow link gets you more publicity and that too through natural link building.
3. Nofollow gets you PROFIT
To your surprise, a nofollow link can pull more people to show their interest in your products and services. Not only this, with such links you can encourage them to buy them directly. This is because if you constantly create awareness and keep visitors’ engaged on your site, those nofollow links may get you way more than domain authority.
4. Forced Improvements
Linking your content to a site does not mean that site is good for all. It might interest you, but not necessarily interest all other visitors. This means that if the site is terrible, you’ll be unable to hold onto readers. When a link is unable to boost SEO, you’re naturally pushed to improve your site’s interface, design, pop-ups, content, etc. to catch people’s interest. Improving this funnel can, in turn, improve your bounce rates.
5. Nofollow Links Actually Boost Rankings
If having nofollow links helps your website do well, with a constant rise in the number of hits, shares and reviews, it indicates to Google that you’re building your links naturally. This can improve your trust flow and ultimately improves your rankings.
All the aforementioned postulates clearly prove that having nofollow links isn’t really that bad these days; it can be a huge boost for your site. So, don’t complain about the nofollow link from now, accept it, and make the most of it.

This article is written by Jose Barreiro who is an author at SHMONG Marketing. He is an experienced digital marketing expert who loves to spread his expertise through articles and blogs.The post How Nofollow Links Can Also Enhance Your Website appeared first on SiteProNews.
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