Google’s link reporting tool is now fixed

Google has fixed the issues with the link report within Google Search Console. Last week, we reported a bug with that link report that Google was investigating. As of early this morning, the bug seemed to have been resolved, and the link counts in that tool seem to be back to where they were.

What happened. Last week, many SEOs noticed the link report showing a fraction of their reported links in that tool. Some even saw their link count go to zero. However, many noticed declines in links that the tool reported to be 40% to 90% of their normal link count.

For example, one of my sites previously had 287,000 links, then it dropped suddenly to 177,000 links and as of this morning, it is back to over 288,000 links.

Here is a screenshot of the tool this morning:

Here is what it was when there was a bug:

Why we care. Now this link report is now fixed and you should see your normal link count there. It was just a reporting error and should have no true impact on your Google search rankings.