Google tests AI-powered ads for complex purchases

Google is experimenting with a new ad experience on Search that aims to guide consumers through complicated buying decisions using AI assistance.

The big picture. The test explores how Google’s AI capabilities could enhance ads to provide more tailored advice and recommendations based on a user’s specific needs and context.

Why we care. With this update advertisers will be getting a higher converting clicka to their site. Although brands should look out for traffic volumes most likely decreasing as experience on the SERP increases.

How it works. If a user searches for something like “short-term storage” and clicks on an ad from a storage facility, they may be shown an AI-guided experience to determine their storage requirements.

Users could share details like photos of items they need to store and their budget.

Google’s AI would then analyze that information to recommend an appropriately sized storage unit and suggest packing materials.

The experience would link back to the advertiser’s website to complete the purchase.

What’s next. The storage unit ads are currently just an initial test case. Broader rollouts to other verticals like travel, financial services and health care could follow if the AI proves helpful for guiding high-consideration purchases.