Google testing more subtle Search Generative Experience design

Google is testing a toned-down, more subtle version of the Search Generative Experience. Some are calling this version the lite SGE, where Google is showing a couple of lines of text from the AI-generated snapshot with the ability to expand that answer to see more.

What it looks like. Here are screenshots that Glenn Gabe provided on social media:

Here are more screenshots:

SGE continues to evolve. I’m now seeing what I’m calling “SGE lite” in the SERPs. SGE doesn’t trigger a large block by default anymore… it’s now much smaller with a large “Show more” button. Again, IMO SGE will not roll out unless it’s revenue-neutral or positive… Stay tuned:

— Glenn Gabe (@glenngabe) October 7, 2023

Normal SGE. Compare this to what we normally see for SGE results, with a big answer, that takes up the whole screen real estate and sometimes more:

Why we care. Some might prefer this “lite” version of the SGE results. Instead of it overtaking all the search results, the ten blue links and other elements, it is a smaller, more subtle answer at the top of the page that can be expanded upon user choice. Searchers can easily scroll past it to the the traditional search results, unlike the original SGE interface.

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