Google Search Console page experience report going away

The Google Search Console page experience report, at least how we know it today, is going away. It will be replaced by a content page that links to Google’s general guidance about page experience.

Why we care. You may have relied on this report for some of your SEO work. With these changes, you will need to adapt some of your reporting practices going forward.

Page experience report changes. Google is removing the existing page experience report within Google Search Console and replacing it with content around what Google thinks is a good page experience. This change will happen in “the coming months,” Google wrote.

“The page experience report was intended as a general guidepost of some metrics that aligned with good page experience, not as a comprehensive assessment of all the different aspects. Those seeking to provide a good page experience should take an holistic approach, including following some of our self-assessment questions covered on our Understanding page experience in Google Search results page.”

Core Web Vitals & HTTPS report remain. There will be a dashboard view of the individual Core Web Vitals and HTTPS reports that will remain in Search Console, Google added.

Mobile-friendly test going away. With that, Google is also removing the Mobile-Friendly Test tool and Mobile-Friendly Test API. Google said that this “doesn’t mean that mobile usability isn’t important for success with Google Search,” it is important. “It remains critical for users, who are using mobile devices more than ever, and as such, it remains a part of our page experience guidance,” Google added.

Changes to helpful content and page experience. Google also announced that good page experience is a requirement for creating, what Google defines as, helpful content.

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