Google restricts promotion of deep fake sexual content

Google introduced new restrictions on deep fake sexual content for Shopping ads. Google also updated its general content policy prohibiting promoting synthetic content that has been altered or generated to be sexually explicit or contain nudity

Why we care. Google will issue a warning to advertisers if they violate this policy. Continued violations could result in an account suspension.

What changed. Google advertisers can no longer use Shopping ads to:

Promote services that generate, distribute or store synthetic sexually explicit content or synthetic content containing nudity. This includes services that create “deepfakes” and other manipulated imagery.

Create ads for content that provides instructions on the creation of synthetic sexually explicit content or synthetic content with nudity.

Enforcement. The enforcement started yesterday (May 1) for Shopping ads. For all other ad types, advertisers have until May 30 to make all necessary changes to ensure their ads fall within the scope of the policy.