Google now supports 25 more countries with new return policy structured data

Google expanded displaying shipping and return information in its search results last week and added new return policy documentation in the product structured data help section specific for merchant listings. Today, Google has expanded the number of countries that can use applicableCountry required property from 25 countries to a total of 50 countries.

What changed. Google updated the return section of this structured data help document to write, “You can specify up to 50 countries.” Previously it said, “up to 25 countries.” Here are before and after screenshots:

Before it said 25 countries.Now it says 50 countries.

More shipping and return snippets. Some are now noticing more search result snippets in Google Search showing the shipping and return snippets. Here is one example:

Last week, Google announced that it will now display shipping & returns info in Google Search results.

Like product pricing, this info is based on structured data or feed data provided in the Merchant Center.

Today was the first time I saw this new info in US search results

— Alexander Außermayr (@aussermayr) April 24, 2023

Why we care. If you are using this markup and your country is supported, you may soon start to see the shipping and return information show up within your search result snippets in Google Search. Check out the new markup and make sure to validate the markup in Search Console to ensure it will work as expected.

These small snippet changes can potentially have a large impact on your click-through rate from Google Search to your web site.

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