Google limits functionality of suspended ads accounts

Google is rolling out restrictions for suspended Google Ads accounts, limiting the actions advertisers can take while their accounts are suspended. Restrictions will be implemented in June 2024.

Why we care. The restrictions could frustrate some advertisers wanting full access during suspension periods.

What’s new? The functionality of suspended accounts will be narrowed to a few key areas like billing, appeals/verification, security settings and account navigation. Other actions like editing campaigns, creating new assets or making changes to suspended entities will be disabled.

Why it matters. The change gives Google more control over suspended accounts, while still allowing advertisers limited access to make payments, download reports and dispute suspensions.

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Only these actions are permitted for suspended accounts:

Billing (make payments, download tax docs, update payment method)

Account settings (cancel account, claim refunds) 

Appeals and verification processes

Update security settings

Navigate the account, read info, download reports