Google AR ads will allow shoppers to virtually try on foundation and hair dye

Google is expanding its AR beauty ads to foundation and hair dye products.

Shoppers can now try on different shades of hair dye before deciding whether to make a purchase, with plans to extend this virtual try on experience to foundation “soon”.

This capability was initially launched for lipstick and eyeshadow products back in 2020.

Why we care. Beauty shoppers sometimes refrain from making purchases online when it comes to items like foundation and hair dye because they like to have the choice to use in-store testers to help them decide which shade is their perfect match first. By providing a virtual solution that allows them to assess product suitability online, you can boost conversion rates and encourage more digital purchases from your brand.

Hair colour. Consumers can now try out different at-home hair colors from the L’Oreal suite of brands without touching a single strand on their heads using Google’s AR technology. The platform will soon be adding more brands to its roster including Splat and Revlon.

Foundation. Google will soon roll out the ability for consumers to virtually try on different shades of foundation to help them decide their best match before making a purchase. Shoppers will just need to search for a foundation type or name, select the product that they are interested in and tap “try on”. 

How it works. The new try-on experience will replace the ad product image in eligible Shopping ads. It will feature alongside relevant product information to help beauty brands showcase their products in a more interactive way to capture demand.

The new AR beauty features will be accessible in the Google app and any mobile browser in the U.S.

Uptake. More than 50 beauty brands have already started using AR on Google, including:


Dior Beauty

Fenty Beauty

Laura Mercier

Makeup by Mario

For those interested in following suit, Google is now accepting AR assets from a variety of data providers, including PulpoAR and Perfect Corp. 

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What Google is saying. A Google spokesperson said in a statement:

“When a new tool is helpful for shoppers, it can be helpful for the entire industry.”

“After interacting with AR Beauty on Google, shoppers are more likely to spend more time on the brand’s site and potentially take action, like researching a new product or making a purchase.”

“In the last year, we’ve also made it easier to discover our AR try-on feature in Search so brands can more easily connect with consumers looking for their products. Just search for something like “pink lipstick” to try out the experience yourself.”

Deep dive. Read Google’s guide on how to participate in virtual try-on experiences for more information.

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