Google Ads rolls out Demand Gen to all customers globally

Google Ads has started rolling out Demand Gen globally so that all customers now have access.

Described as the “next generation of Discovery campaigns”, it comes with new features, inventory, and insights, as well as an enhanced ad creation flow.

In addition, Discovery ads upgrades are beginning this week and will continue to be implemented through until early next year.

Why we care. Demand Gen is an effective tool when it comes to reaching new audiences and offers more creativity than its predecessor. Discovery campaigns only allowed images, carousels, or product data feed for creatives, however, Demand Gen lets you use videos, including both regular YouTube videos and Shorts, giving advertisers more choice when it comes to creating content that will appeal most to their audience.

What is Demand Gen? Demand Gen is an AI-powered tool that was built to specifically help social platform advertisers by streamlining the process of discovering and converting consumers through visually engaging content. The Google Ads feature was designed to help generate conversions, site visits and actions across entertainment-focused touchpoints such as YouTube (including Shorts), Discover, and Gmail.

Engaging new audiences. Demand Gen can help you to discover new potential customers who may not be acquainted with your brand through the new Lookalike segments features. Advertisers can then maximize performance further by choosing the bidding strategy that fits best with your goals, such as clicks, conversions or website actions.

Creating ads tailored for your audience. Demand Gen can achieve 3X higher click-through rates, at a 61% lower cost per action (CPA) when compared to paid social campaigns, according to Google. It’s able to achieve this by offering a range of different formats so that brands can tailor their content better to their audience, from short-form videos to carousels.

Product feeds for retailers. Demand Gen can combine videos with images and text from your catalogs to show products to potential customers that are most suited to their interests and match their search intent.

Demand Gen best practices. Menachem Ani,  Founder of JXT Group and a digital advertising expert, took part in the Demand Gen beta test before its general rollout and has shared some best practice guidance, including:

Campaign management suggestions.

Working with client and leadership tips.

Setting realistic expectations.

Read Ani’s new article for Search Engine Land for more insights, including what to expect from Demand Gen and advice on budget management.

What has Google said? Vidhya Srinivasan, VP & GM in Google Ads (Search Ads & Ads on Google Experiences), said in a statement:

“The way consumers discover products is shifting — decisions are made throughout the funnel. To keep up with this evolving media landscape, social advertisers need to adapt their strategies to deliver results.”

“Demand Gen campaigns can help you capture the interest of billions of users as they spend time on YouTube and Google’s visually immersive touchpoints. The engaging creatives can spur action while our audience and bidding solutions help you nurture interest with more potential customers.”

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Webinar. Google is hosting a free Demand Gen webinar on 14 November 2023 with product experts, who will be sharing their top tips and answering your questions.

Deep dive. Read Google’s Demand Gen setup guide and follow best practices for effective YouTube ads for more information on how to create successful video creatives.

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