Google Ads API v17 released with new features, changes

Google announces the v17 release of the Google Ads API, bringing several new features and changes that advertisers and developers need to be aware of.

Why we care. The updated version of Google Ads offers a range of new tools and capabilities to help you better manage and monitor the performance of campaigns. It’s also important to be aware of these changes so as to take full advantage of new capabilities while avoiding disruptions from deprecated features or policy changes.

What’s new. There are three big changes that Google introduced to keep up with policy update, volume of information being processed and reporting view. The rest are batch processing updates and new optimization features. 

The big changes:

Resource Usage Policy Update. To prepare for an upcoming resource usage policy change on June 17, 2024, two new values have been added to QuotaError, for instances of excessive resource consumption over a time period.

Page Size Fixed at 10,000. The page size field is now always set to 10,000, and you can no longer pass a page size to GoogleAdsService.Search. Doing so will result in a request error.

New Reporting Views. Campaign aggregate asset view and Channel aggregate asset view have been added for reporting more metrics on Performance Max and Search campaigns.

Batch processing updates:

Asset Group Operations. Support for setting MutateOperation.asset_group_operation when using BatchJobService has been added, allowing batch processing for creating and managing entire Performance Max campaigns.

Request Size Limit. A new BatchJobError.REQUEST_TOO_LARGE error for any job requests larger than 10,484,504 bytes will produce an error. Advertisers will need to divide operations into smaller groups for separate requests.

Other notable changes:

Keyword Match Type. Campaign.keyword_match_type has been added to allow setting a keyword match type for all keywords in a campaign.

Ad Group Criterion Status. Primary status and primary status reasons have been added to AdGroupCriterion to show serving status and reasons.

New Shopping Product Report. A new shopping product report has been added, corresponding to the Products page in the Google Ads UI.

Demand Gen Renaming. Discovery has been renamed to Demand Gen across all relevant fields, enums, and errors.

Further reading. For the complete list of changes made to Google Ads API in version 17, read the full release notes.