Google adds opt-in for Video Enhancements for ads

Google is allowing more advertisers to opt into new “video enhancements” for video ad campaigns. These aim to improve performance by automatically creating additional video formats from advertisers’ original assets.

Why we care. With more video consumption happening on mobile devices, having ads properly formatted for different screen sizes and orientations is crucial. The new enhancements use AI to resize and reformat videos to be more effective.

How it works. Advertisers upload a standard horizontal video as they normally would.

Google’s AI automatically generates additional versions in different aspect ratios like square (1:1) and vertical (9:16, 4:5).

It intelligently crops and repositions the video to preserve key elements.

Shorter video clips are also automatically created by cutting down long videos to highlight key moments.

Image credit: Thomas Eccel

The benefits. According to Google, this:

Creates mobile-optimized video ads without any extra work for advertisers.

May boost campaign performance by serving properly formatted video ads.

Saves time and resources by automating creation of additional video assets.

How to enable/disable.

Video enhancements are enabled by default for new video ad campaigns.

Advertisers can toggle them on/off in their campaign settings under “Additional settings” > “Video enhancements.”