Google adds new vehicle listings structured data

Google has added new markup and structured data support for new vehicle listings, designed to help car dealerships get more exposure for their listings. “Vehicle listings on Google allows car dealerships to show their for-sale inventory on Google Search and other Google surfaces,” Google announced.

This comes with new reports and debugging tools within Google Search Console.

Vehicle listing structured data. Google’s structured data help documentation added a new section for vehicle listing (car) structured data. Google provides two ways for dealerships to add their inventory. One is through structured data markup on their websites, which is the main focus of this document, and the other is through feed files uploaded to the vehicle listings partner portal

Google said the vehicle listing rich result is currently only available in English in the US and US territories for both mobile and desktop interfaces.

You can follow the technical guidelines over here to learn more.

New Search Console report. Google also launched a new rich result report in Search Console to monitor markup issues. This report will show valid and invalid items for pages with structured data for your vehicle listing markup.

Rich results test updated. Google also updated its Rich Results Test to support vehicle listing structured data. You can post your URL of a page or a code snippet to the tool. Using the tool, you can confirm whether or not your markup is valid instantly without waiting for Rich result reports to be updated, Google added.

Why we care. If you have a dealership or you have clients that are dealerships and want more ways to get visibility in Google Search, you now have new markup and structured data you can use to get more eye-balls on your cars.

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