Bing Search outages since early this morning

Starting at around 1:30am ET, Bing Search and the sites Microsoft Bing powers, have been experiencing global and widespread outages. This leads to many Bing Searches failing, and then third-party services that rely on Bing Search, such as Copilot for web and mobile, Copilot in Windows, ChatGPT internet search, DuckDuckGo and Ecosia, also failing.

Downdetector. According to Bing has been having issues since around 1:30am ET:

What Bing’s outage looks like. Here are some screenshots of searches failing and of partner sites failing:

Microsoft Advertising services down. Also, Microsoft Ad platform server status page shows outages as well:

Why we care. If you rely on getting traffic from Bing or those third parties, you may see a dip in that traffic today. In addition, if you rely on using these services for your job, you may have to switch gears and work on something else until they are restored.

It’s back. Around 6:15am ET, it seems the services are now back up and running – at least for me at this moment. Although, many users are still telling me it is not working for them.