Amazon Ads launches AI image generation

Select Amazon advertisers can now create AI-generated images to use in ad campaigns.

Essentially, what the tool offers advertisers is the ability to add backgrounds or scenery to plain product images.

Why we care. Amazon said its tool could lead to better ad performance. Products shown within a “lifestyle scene” can get 40% higher click-through rates, the company said.

How it works. Head to Amazon Ad Console, select your product, then click Generate. Using generative AI, Amazon will show you various “lifestyle and brand-themed images, based on product details, in a matter of seconds,” Amazon explained.

You can then further customize your AI-generated images using short text prompts or “enhance” them with a pre-set theme. You can save multiple versions to test and optimize performance, the company said.

You can add up to five images in your Amazon ad. Choosing multiple images will automatically create a looping slideshow.

Here’s a video showing it in action:

Limited availability. AI-generated images is only available to “select” advertisers now. But Amazon said it will “expand availability over time.”

What Amazon is saying. The image generation tool is easy to use and requires no technical expertise, according to Amazon.

“This solution is helpful for advertisers of all sizes—enabling those that do not have in-house capabilities or agency support to more easily create brand-themed imagery, while also supporting bigger brands, who are constantly looking for ways to be more efficient around creative development,” the company wrote in its announcement.

This was expected. Like most ad platforms, Amazon has been working to add generative AI capabilities. We reported that Amazon was working on AI tools to generate images for advertisers in May. Now it’s finally here, nearly six months later.

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