AdMob policy update: Indirect monetary items can now be offered as rewards

Google AdMob is updating its ads that offer reward policies to include indirect monetary items.

From 31 October 2023, the Policies for Ads that Offer Rewards will become the Policies for Ad Units that Offer Rewards, and will include any reward with monetary value that doesn’t have a direct mode of payment in the real world, such as:


Loyalty rewards or points

Free shipping

Free trials for products and services

An extra life for a game character

A new game character’s skin

Why we care. Advertisers now have the option to request a review or appeal for ad units that were previously disapproved under the former Google AdMob policy. The updated policy not only facilitates a reconsideration process but also offers advertisers increased flexibility in selecting rewards for their ad units. This expanded choice could potentially enhance the appeal of ad campaigns to a broader audience.

How it works. Under the updated policy, indirect or non-monetary items can now be offered as rewards, provided that:

The reward is only redeemable and usable for an item or service within the publisher’s platform, website or app.

The reward is non-transferable – for example, a discount code.

Rewards that are a discount or voucher for physical items must not exceed 25% of the item’s total value.

Direct monetary items, such as cash, cryptocurrency and gift cards, remain disallowed as rewards under any circumstance.

Additional update. Following on from the reward policy update, Google AdMob is also updating its editorial policy for better clarity and readability. However, these editorial updates will not change the scope of the policies.

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What has Google said? A Google spokesperson said in a statement:

“Please review the update to determine if it affects your ad units that offer rewards.”

“If your ad units that offer rewards were previously disapproved, but you believe they should no longer be disapproved following the update, you may request a review or appeal on or after 31 October 2023.”

Deep dive. Visit the Google AdMob Help Center or the Policies for Ads that Offer Rewards guide for more information.

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