A new guide to attribution with AdWords – Google Best Practices

The customer journey can be complex. Being able to identify which ads actually influenced someone’s decision can be challenging, but it’s crucial to get right.In May, we launched the ability to update your attribution model in AdWords. It’s an update that can help you go beyond last-click measurement, the default in AdWords, and understand your customer’s journey on a much deeper level. As of today, this change has been rolled out to all AdWords accounts.We’ve published a new guide to help you understand attribution and make the right decisions for your account. This resource offers best practices about what you need to do to go beyond last-click, covering topics such as:Determining if going beyond the last-click is something that you need to do Choosing a model that fits with your needs Acting on attribution Evolving your approach to attribution as measurement gets better By going beyond last-click attribution for your Search ads in AdWords, you can understand your customer journey and make changes to improve your campaigns. Users take a while to make decisions; by changing your approach to attribution you can identify how your advertising affects people across all of their crucial, decision-making moments.Want to stay on top of even more Best Practices? Sign up to receive our monthly newsletter.  Posted by Matt Lawson, Director, Performance Ads Marketing

Source: Google Inside Adwords
Link: A new guide to attribution with AdWords – Google Best Practices

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