5 Unique Ways to Pump up Your Keyword & Competitor Research with SERPstat

What I love about keyword research is that there are no limits. You can actually investigate your keywords for a lifetime and still discover new great ones to improve your traffic.
That’s why I am always so excited to play with new keyword research tools and my recent favorite is SERPstat.
The tool adds new cool features every day and it’s been a joy to use so far. Here are three absolutely unique keyword research features that will help you generate more search engine traffic:
1. Identify & Compare Competing Pages / URLs
Quite a break-through in SEO industry, SERPstat lets you find highest ranking pages (not just domains!) for any search term you put in.
In this report you will find web pages that drive traffic for the given keyword and for the group of related search terms.

You can even compare up to three pages to see how their rankings overlap.

2. Find Missing Keywords
This feature is something you’ll love to use to improve rankings of your existing content. It lets you find keyword queries many of your competitors are ranking but you are not. Here’s how it works:

Search for any URL
Click the number under “Organic”
Then click “Missing keywords” in the left-hand navigation

SERPstat will analyze your competitors and return the list of keywords they are ranking high but that page of yours is not.

The more competitors rank for each missing keyword, the higher the keyword on the list (the higher the “Connection Strength”).
On top of that, you’ll see other pages from your site that rank for that term. (So you can optimize that page to rank higher) How cool is that?

[This is the goldmine of search engine optimization information to get your site rank higher!]
The beauty of this feature is that you can find absolutely new words to rank for you wouldn’t have found otherwise. That feature alone may help you improve your rankings dramatically and I am not aware of any other tool that can do that:

Some of these will be new content ideas, others will prompt you to go back and optimize your old content.
Note: You’ll only be able to see missing keywords if your page is already ranking for some terms in top 10.
3. Improve Your Site Second-Page Rankings with Tree View
The fastest way to find your site pages that rank on page 2 of Google is SERPstat “Tree View”

Search for your domain
Go to “Tree view”
Click Filters
Under “Domain position for a keyword” set from 10 to 20

These are your best candidates to move to page one!
Export the complete report of pages and the keywords these pages rank on page 2:

Now optimize them better!
4. Discover More Keywords with Cluster Research
The concept is simple and genius: Identify search queries that have many identical pages ranking in top 20 for them and you have a good list of closely related keywords.
SERPstat “Cluster research” does exactly that: The more URLs Google queries have in common, the closer the cluster terms are (the higher “Connection Strength”* is). For example, “SEO” and “Search Engine Optimization” must be closely related terms because Google ranks 6 identical URLs for those.

This is a great keyword discovery feature! Use these words to optimize your existing content as well as make your new content richer and more indepth.
* I wish that number was clickable for me to see which exactly pages are identical for both the terms.
5. Research Niche Questions
One of my favorite features for content inspiration: Almost every suggestion here is a new article idea!
Here’s how to get it work:

Type in your core term in SERPstat search box and search
Click “Search Suggestions”
Click “Only questions”

Find lots of questions containing your keyword based on Google’s Autosuggest (i.e. questions people type in the search box). Most of these questions will look like an article idea to you!
**Currently SERPstat supports, Google.com, Google UK, Google Canada, Google Australia, Google Ukraine, Google Russia, Google Bulgaria, Google Kazakhstan, Google Lithuania, Google Latvia, Google Belarus and Google South Africa as well as Yandex Russia and Yandex Ukraine.
Disclaimer: I was granted a free premium access to SERPstat in order to use the above features.The post 5 Unique Ways to Pump up Your Keyword & Competitor Research with SERPstat appeared first on SEO Chat.
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