3 reasons why you need to embrace journey-centricity by Treasure Data

To earn loyalty, marketers should avoid pitfalls and shift to a journey-centric culture to ensure everyone remains focused on creating a great experience that retains customers.

The ability to focus on customer journeys and reorient your organization around customer journeys is a great unlock for companies needing help progressing with their customer experience scores and programs. To be successful, organizations need to decide to embrace journey-centricity.

Customer journeys provide marketers with key insights about the customer’s intent at the macro level as well as the micro level: what are they trying to do and also the context, the touch points, the channels and the location that they are in as they are trying to accomplish these goals.

You’ll also get insights on the emotion behind those interactions, the level of engagement, the sentiment and intent, context and emotion together. A journey-centric approach helps marketers understand and focus on what customers want and uses that to deliver exceptional customer experiences and business results. 

Join Andy Gremett, director of product marketing at Treasure Data, and guest speaker Joana de Quintanilha, VP, and principal analyst at Forrester, in their informative MarTech session as they share perspectives and learnings on how you can transform customer journeys for better CX and results.

After this session, you’ll be able to draw inspiration from companies that have used customer journeys to improve personalized experiences and engagement outcomes, show which operational levers to pull for a journey-centric approach and list the technologies required to facilitate connected customer journeys.

Watch the session today and apply the three advantages of focusing on journey-centricity to help you give your customers what they want.

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