Google Ads no longer supports Store Sales Direct

Google Ads has stopped supporting Store Sales Direct (SSD) as a standalone product.

The update means that SSD conversion upload requests to the Google Ads API are also no longer supported.

Why we care. Marketers must stay informed about updates in reporting data and sales measurements to maintain accurate reports. This ensures effective campaign optimization for optimal results.

Improving shop sales reports. The update aims to simplify Google Ads’ Store Sales product, providing improved shop sales measurement and reporting data. This enhancement is valuable for optimizing online ads, especially for businesses falling into specific classifications:

Automotive OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or Automotive Regional Dealer – Beta.



Error message. Users who were previously allowlisted for this feature will now receive a NOT_ON_ALLOWLIST_FOR_STORE_SALES_DIRECT error when attempting to upload SSD conversions. However, existing SSD conversions will continue to be available in reports.

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What Google is saying. Ben Karl, from the Google Ads API Team, said in a statement:

“The removal of SSD is part of a simplification of the overall Store Sales product. Users who previously relied on SSD should review the Store Sales onboarding guide to understand if they are eligible for ongoing store sales measurement.”

“If eligible, work with your Google Ads account team to update the feature. Please reference our Upload Store Sales Conversions guide, which has been updated to reflect these changes.”

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