A new video format to reach people across the mobile web and apps

17 April 2018 0

Over the last year, we’ve been working on a way to extend the reach of your video campaigns to people beyond YouTube, especially as they […]

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Build better media plans on YouTube and across the web with Reach Planner

9 April 2018 0

How many people can I reach on YouTube for $100k? And how much should I spend on TrueView versus Bumpers?Starting today, we’ve made it easier […]

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Sight, sound and scale: Introducing TrueView for reach

2 April 2018 0

Building brand awareness and increasing market penetration used to be fairly straightforward: find the most popular shows on television, put your ad there and maximize […]

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Protecting our Ad Network: How Advertising Policies & Policy Enforcement Work

27 March 2018 0

On March 14, we shared information about our work to remove bad ads and bad sites from our ad networks. With a combination of people, […]

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Changes to our ad policies to comply with the GDPR

22 March 2018 0

In May, Europe’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. Google is committed to complying with the GDPR, and in preparation, we’ve been […]

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Today at Shoptalk: Turning intent into action to deliver better shopping experiences

20 March 2018 0

We’ve long talked about mobile being the “future of retail.” Now that this future has arrived, what’s next? At this year’s Shoptalk in Las Vegas, […]

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Help shoppers take action, wherever and however they choose to shop

19 March 2018 0

Today’s consumers don’t just want answers; more and more, they’re craving relevant, meaningful, and immediate assistance in completing their day-to-day shopping tasks. We see this […]

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Become the GOAT of mobile gaming with new innovations from AdWords & AdMob

15 March 2018 0

Great games are magical. They allow players to escape to new worlds, turn into superheroes, and boost their puzzle-solving powers. Now, more than ever, developers […]

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New ways to harness the combined power of Google and YouTube in AdWords

13 March 2018 0

With the world’s information at people’s fingertips, today’s consumers research everything before they buy—they read reviews, search for product details and watch videos to make […]

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Message reporting delivers new performance insights for click-to-message ads

12 March 2018 0

65% of consumers say they’d consider using messaging to connect with a business to complete tasks like getting information about a product or service, or […]

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