How to discover & suggest Google-selected canonical URLs for your pages

Sometimes a web page can be reached by using more than one URL. In such cases, Google tries to determine the best URL to display […]

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This year in Search Spam – Webspam report 2018

Google aims to provide the highest quality results for any search. As part of this, we take action to prevent what we call “webspam” from […]

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Help Google Search know the best date for your web page

Sometimes, Google shows dates next to listings in its search results. In this post, we’ll answer some commonly-asked questions webmasters have about how these dates […]

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Introducing a new JavaScript SEO video series

We made a new video series on JavaScript SEO that benefits both web developers and SEOs. In the series we want to help making discoverable […]

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Announcing domain-wide data in Search Console

27 February 2019 0

Google recommends verifying all versions of a website — http, https, www, and non-www — in order to get the most comprehensive view of your […]

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Help customers discover your products on Google

22 February 2019 0

People come to Google to discover new brands and products throughout their shopping journey. On Search and Google Images, shoppers are provided with rich snippets […]

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Consolidating your website traffic on canonical URLs

In Search Console, the Performance report currently credits all page metrics to the exact URL that the user is referred to by Google Search. Although […]

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2018, celebrating our global Webmaster community

26 December 2018 0

2018 has been a very important year for our webmaster support community. What has happened? There’s been a program rebranding, a global summit, and loads […]

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Mobile-First indexing, structured data, images, and your site

19 December 2018 0

It’s been two years since we started working on “mobile-first indexing” – crawling the web with smartphone Googlebot, similar to how most users access it. […]

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Why & how to secure your website with the HTTPS protocol

10 December 2018 0

A few days ago, Fatih Ozkosemen and I led an episode of the AdSense On Air series. This program consists of monthly videos which cover […]

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